Crude Oil

From The Media Spokes Man Joint Taskforce (JTF) (Operation Restored Peace in Niger Delta of Nigeria )

Dear Client,

Good day from us here in the War Zone Of Niger Delta In Federal Republic Nigeria, We all hope that knowing you will be great thing and benefit for both of us. As you know what is going on over here in Nigeria since past 3 years now we have been battling with the Rabbles here in Nigeria mostly Oil Rich Region of Niger Delta Area last two weeks we fought heavily with the Militants and they also retaliated brutally. Then We grazed the Camp of their strong Man (Tompolo Government A.K.A Camp 5) and destroyed everything over there and as a result of that most of them died in that battle and others ran away with bullet injuries then we captured their Crude Oil Stored House containing Over 250,000 (Two Hundred and fifty Thousand) Barrels of Crude Oil and successfully befitting Them, we took the whole Crude Oil to a hiding place

Hence we are still in the military camp we cannot sell it to anybody here in Nigeria because we are still uniformed men then we decided, to sell the product outside the country since Mr. President is not aware of this business only the high Rank Officers are aware.

Paradoxically, Sir the reason why we are writing to you now is for you to help us to contact those that can buy this Crude Oil in your Country and pay us for the value of the Crude Oil upon the arrival of the Crude Oil. We have contacted the Company that will help us to Ship out the Crude Oil. The only thing left now is who will buy the Crude Oil.

Consequently, as for your labor and effort, you will have 30% of the Money and then send to us the remaining balance once the Deal is done.

Most importantly, that is why we need somebody who is Trustworthy and a person who will keep this business confidential. I hope you know the Military Law, I hope that you are the type of person we need and can lay our trust on. So if you are really interested in this Business please reply with important information’s regarding to the disposing this product as soon as you get the Mail. We are giving you 100% assurance that everything we be successful provided that you fully cooperate with us.

We will like to stop here until we read your reply.

From JTF Spokes Man (Operation to Restored Peace in Niger Delta Of Nigeria )

========  Colonel Rabe Abubakar,

========  +2347063031809