I Have Gotten Addicted to This Game

I have pretty much become addicted to this game at Agario dot io on the web. I play it on my smart phone at work, mostly because I have the sort of job where the really hard thing is finding a way to fight boredom. Right now things are really slow and there is not enough work to keep most of us busy for half of the day. So you have to figure out how to look like you are working and not go daft from boredom. I was reading about an Agario cheats and wondering what it really does. My feeling is that it probably does not do what the people who provide it claim that it does. The reason is that the people who operate the game have a real pressing need to maintain the image of integrity and honest play. They have a huge number of players and a very addictive game. They have to make it appear to be a honest as possible.

If you can reach the top of the rankings you can earn prizes and that provides an incentive to cheat. Of course the people in charge have a much greater interest in keeping the game honest, or if nothing else making the people who play the keep feel as though it is being run honestly. From what I understand they have taken steps to prevent people from cheating. You have to use their server to play the game, at least if you want to get your scores ranked. So they can accept anyone they want and boot any one who is using a modified version of the game. It is that simple in theory. I am not sure how hard it is going to be to keep the game honest in reality to be honest.