Planning a Trip to Orlando

We are planning a family trip to Orlando. Of course we are going to see the Magic Kingdom, but for a couple of days only. It is going to be a big expedition lasting about a week and perhaps a few days more. In all we are going to fly down there with myself, the wife, both kids, Katie's brother, my father and both of her parents. I have been looking for a limo service in Orlando FL because I figure that Katie and I need to have a big night out one night of the trip. We shall go out for a nice meal and maybe a show. You are going to be doing so much stuff for the kids, but obviously the grandparents are going to love being with them and they will be there to watch the kids. They will love it. My Dad acts like a kid himself when he is with Trey and Kay. He is actually rather entertaining and if he is at home he will give the two of them guitar lessons.

We figure that we are going to have ration our time carefully to get to see much of the things that we are going to do. We have been to Disney World once before and it was very hectic. So we figure that this time we shall simply figure out what is most important and only go there. We are trying to figure out which attractions are easiest to get in and out of. It is not that fun to spend hours standing in a line waiting for something, especially not in the heat and humidity of Florida. So we are trying to figure out what can be done in as little time as possible. That is not really something which is easy to figure out.