Thinking About Dumping the Cable Company

I have been really thinking about dumping the cable company and switching to satellite. Of course the big issue is that I have been getting a bundle which contains both my cable TV service and broadband internet service. If you go on the web you can immediately find a lot of deals like the one on where you can get a basic direct TV service for 20 dollars a month. That looks really good when you compare it to what I am paying the cable company at the moment. They are really sticking it to me and I am truly sick and tired of it. Every once in a while I call them up and complain about the bill. They drop it down a bit because they do not want me to wriggle off of the hook, but the next time you turn around and open your bill it has risen right back to where it was when you started out.

The problem is to replace the internet service with something at least comparable in quality. Getting a better deal on the TV service is not that difficult. You can do that in five seconds without any trouble at all, that is an overstatement obviously. You want to make sure you read the fine print and that you are not signing up for something that is a lot worse than it looks on the surface. When you go out looking for something like this they have the bold print to tell you the good stuff which makes it look completely wonderful. However a lot of the time that is just like the bait to get you on the hook for a two year obligation, and the price that they gave you to start with does not stick around for long.