Best Youtube Videos on Health

I have been pretty bored lately, which is kind of sad to say, considering that I am on my vacation. It is the only vacation that I am going to get for maybe another 6 months and I had high hopes for having some fun and relaxing, just enjoying myself. It was pretty good for a few days, but now I am just bored. I have been checking out and watching a lot of videos about random stuff. One of the things that has piqued my curiosity is that I have been watching some videos that have tips on how to live a healthier life. I am not sure if all of the tips are going to help me out, but a lot of them are pretty interesting.

I need to find something to do over the next couple of days that does not involve me sitting around on my computer. I have kind of got tired of it. One of the other issues is that I have found that sitting down so much as my computer chair is really causing my back to hurt. I thought I had one of those ergonomic chairs, but it does not seem to be preventing me from getting back pain.

I am not sure if it is how I am sitting, if I am not sitting up enough, or engaging my core muscles enough. But it basically feels like my lower back is being compressed by sitting in the chair so much. I have been trying to stretch it out, but it keeps feeling really stiff and painful. It is very uncomfortable and it makes me want to lay down in bed. I don't know, maybe I will feel better tomorrow, but I am going to try to go to the gym and exercise for a bit.