Investment proposal - phishing mail

Hello My Friend,

I hope this message meets you and your family in good health, My Name is Arkamani Ahmad al-Mahdi, A descendant of (Muhammad Ahmad al-Mahdi) the ruler of Sudan in the 1880's, I am 62years old and an ex-politician in Sudan, I retired from Politics more than a decade Ago.

I am requesting your contribution, help and assistance as regards an investment proposal to you, with an amount of Eighty five Million United states Dollars ($85,000,000) for a start, I am open to listen to any good or profitable Ideas you can tell me about , so we could invest this sum of money, In the process of this establishment, you will be talking to my Son who will put you through all the Corners of this establishment.

I want us to make this 100% Confidential between us as I have tried to stay out of the Media and the public all along. I am ready to work with you in all trust and Honesty, as I Expect you will act the Same. There are lots of internet Fraud and Scam everywhere these days and as much as I am being Skeptical about you, I also want to give this a try, under my strict supervision. So I want you to know that we will not rely on just phone and email Conversation for this business partnership, i want us to have a face to face Meeting either with me or my Son, which will enable us move in the right direction, if you Agree with me.

I will try as much as I can to make the meeting convenient enough for the both of us and I think meeting Anywhere in the UAE will be convenient and safe for us, since the Visa requirements and procedures isn't much to get. I will be waiting to get a message back from you, either by dropping your Phone number or writing back at your Earliest Convenience.

PS: my Email Below

Best Regards
Arkamani Ahmad al-Mahdi