I Needed Legal Help Quickly for Bankruptcy

When my husband was alive, we had a tough time with keeping up with our bills when he was laid off and my work hours were cut. But we were not prepared for what came next when his doctor told him that he had cancer. In fact, we were both dumbfounded. His health insurance was to last only two more weeks due to being laid off, and we knew things were about to get bad with bills and his health. Eight months later, he passed away and I found myself needing blclawcenter.bankruptcy lawyers in san diego in a really big way.

I never imagined my husband would pass away so young, and neither did he. We were both scared he wouldn’t make it. He told me one day that if he didn’t make it out of this alive, he knew that I would have the tougher time because I would be the one who would be left to pick up all the pieces, especially with medical bills. I told him that it would be tough, but the hardest part would be going on without him.

His doctor helped to get him into as many specialists as possible during the 2 weeks he had left of pre-paid insurance. After that, we were able to afford three more months of health insurance at $1,000 each month. Then, we could afford no more, and all treatments had to come out of our pockets or they were billed to us. The balance reached in the tens of thousands within only a few more months.

After I lost my husband, I could no longer bear to pick up the telephone. Creditors called me all day long. Sometimes they sent threatening letters via a carrier to my front door. I feared I would lose my house and car, leaving me living on the streets. Making a call to work with a legal professional who is experienced in bankruptcy is the only thing that saved me.