The Shortcut to American Content

When I started paying for Netflix Canada, I imagined it would be getting all of the same shows and movies as the American Netflix and at the same time, but this was not the case. No matter what, I would always be locked into the shows and movies that were on the Canadian server. Other people complained about this, but Netflix wouldn't do anything about it. People even tried to make petitions, but ultimately they went nowhere. Rather than just simply taking it, people decided to fight their way into the other content that was being held back from them.

There were people who came up with an idea of using a special website to get into the American part of Netflix. These people made it so other people could create an account and have the same level of access. I made an account on this website, and within minutes, I was able to get on the American Netflix server. The first thing I did was watch a popular television show that wasn't set to appear on Canadian Netflix any time soon. I had enough time to watch the entire first season before I had to go to work later that day.

Once I got home from work, I watched the second season of the show, with a bowl of popcorn by my side. The next day I invited a few friends over to watch a movie. When I told them what movie we would be watching, they were confused. They didn't think that movie would be available in Canada until some time in the next year. I told them about the special website that I used to get to the American Netflix, and they asked me if I could show them how to set it up on their home computers.