Deals to Build a New Computer

There have been so many great games coming out on PC this year, but I haven’t been able to play them. My computer was purchased nearly 6 years ago. At that time, it was able to run some of the latest games on medium to low settings, which I was fine with given the price of it. Now, my PC isn’t powerful enough to run any of the newest games and all of their graphical enhancements. My best chance for a new computer is to look at the best 2015 Cyber Monday deals on computer hardware and buy enough parts to piece together my own machine.

I’m deciding to go with a custom built computer rather than a pre-assembled one because I want to be able to have the latest hardware while being able to upgrade it if necessary. The computer I have now has all of the parts soldered to the motherboard, so beyond installing more memory, replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive, or putting a new processor in that fits the socket, there’s nothing I can really do to upgrade it. It will be forever stuck with the same hardware running at the same speed.

My plan is to build a computer that will be future proof for 10 years. Being able to run games on full settings is nice, but games will advance to a point where the computer will only be able to run games on medium settings, or even low settings. As long as I can run the games, I’m fine with that. If I feel like putting in a new graphics card, processor, or even a new motherboard so that the games can run at on the highest settings again, I can do that. The key with this build is to have options.