I Was Given the Wrong Medication

I had to be hospitalized after a car accident late last year. Doctors performed emergency surgery on me, and I was not out of the woods for those injuries until nearly ten days had passed. Something else happened though that put me in just as much danger. My wife had already told the hospital staff that I was allergic to several medications, but one of the nurses mixed up meds and ended up giving it to me. One of the first things my wife did was look at baggotlaw.com/mafter I was once again out of the woods for the most part.

I did have a severe reaction to the medication that I was given, and I nearly died from it. The hospital tried to sweep it under the carpet, but my wife was not about to let them do that. I didn’t want it disregarded either, but I was in too weak of a condition to handle much of anything on my own. My wife contacted a legal firm though to see what could be done. Even though I survived the incident, I nearly didn’t, and it did extend my stay by several days.

There are no long lasting damages from it, but my wife wanted to make sure that this did not happen to any other patients, especially with how the hospital was being nonchalant about the entire matter. She was able to talk with a great counselor at Baggot Law, and they took on my case. I was not looking to get rich or anything. Our desire was strictly to make sure that this did not happen to anyone else. Our counselor was able to collect on damages though, and it has helped us tremendously since the auto accident nearly wiped us of our savings. The main thing is that the hospital was held accountable for their actions, and safeguards are now in place to ensure it does not happen again.