Advertising Our Church Event on Post Cards

My church was hosting a neighborhood event, but we knew that we had to do some kind of advertising for everyone to know about it. We wanted to reach people of all ages, and we had a decent sized budget to make sure that we had the best event possible. One of the things we had to decide was how to reach people, and that is when someone told us about the cheap postcard printing services from 55printing. We already do a lot of different mailings because we are very community oriented, but we usually just make the flyers ourselves.

When I looked at the postcards online though, I knew that this was something that we could definitely do. I liked how they looked. As soon as I saw them, I was drawn in because of the bold colors on some of the examples. Also, there are different sizes and shapes available, so I knew that we would be able to find the size that would be perfect for what we wanted to advertise. There was some concern from some of the other people on the event committee that there would not be enough space on the postcard to advertise what we wanted to tell people, but they quickly saw that there was after I showed them some examples.

I looked through everything that they have to offer, and I was able to pick out a size that was sufficient for what we wanted. The nice part about this was how easy it was to design to because of the many different templates that they have. The postcards were printed and delivered in no time at all, and the turnout for our event was better than we could have ever imagined. Advertising it this way was definitely the best choice for us!