Google, tata, NTRO employees are worse than Nigerian fraudsters in online, banking fraud

Just like people are warned about the nigerian fraudsters, it is important to alert people about the google, tata, NTRO employees who are some of the greatest online fraudsters,liars and cheaters in the world. In fact the ntro employees are far worse than the nigerian fraudsters as the victim of the nigerian fraudsters can lodge a complaint with the police and get justice.
However a victim of the liar, fraudster ntro, google, tata employees cannot file a police complaint, as indian intelligence agencies cannot be held accountable by indian citizens. One of the greatest frauds is how the greedy lazy cheater ntro employees are falsely claiming to own the domain names of a private citizen without paying the market price for the domain names.
In another fraud the ntro employees are falsely claiming that their cheater relative owns the paypal,iwriter account of the google competitor.