Powerful fraud ntro employee parmar and his premika are far worse than nigerian fraudsters

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An actress who is very similar to the eighth standard pass parmar premika naina in facial features, plays an important role in the Star Bharat serial chandrashekhar, as the mother of the main character chandrashekhar

The cunning powerful fraud parmar who is so madly in love with the school dropout naina, that he has shamelessly abused his powers to get her a cbi job falsely claiming that his eighth standard premika is an experienced engineer, domain investor, owning this domain also , thought that he could bully or blackmail the domain investor into giving his semiliterate paramour a stake in her business. The liar fraud parmar has been defaming the domain investor without any legally valid proof for more than a decade so that his premika naina becomes rich and powerful with a stolen resume

He continues to shamelessly abuse his powers so that his mistress naina is getting a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor though cbi employee naina has never operated a computer in her life, and is spending almost all her time watching television serials.

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