I Went out the Other Night

Of course I have been divorced for about three months and so it seemed like it was time for me to start looking around in earnest. It seems like all of the girls at the office had some friend they wanted to fix me up with and I was not opposed to one of them. I saw her facebook page and she was quite good looking. So we went out, in fact she met me at this place. Obviously she wanted to be able to leave on her own if it seemed right. A 24 hr locksmith in Brisbane had to come and unlock her car. I took her back to the car and she told me to follow her to another place for dancing, but when we got there she could not find the keys to her car. I looked inside and saw that they were sitting upon the passenger seat for whatever reason.

That was not really that big of a deal. It took about half an hour from the time that we called. She and I sat on a bench and waited. She was really fun to be with and after a bit we went to this club to go dancing. We met some people that she knew and she told one of them that I was her boyfriend. After she left she told me that she was just spreading a rumor so that her mother would think that she was dating someone. Of course when we got to her place I got to go in for a little bit and she invited me back over next weekend. We have not figured out exactly what that was supposed to mean, but it is obviously not anything too serious yet. It just goes how it goes I would guess.