My Wife is an Amateur Planner

Everyone seems to be going for custom wedding invites these days. My wife wishes she did when we married, but now that some of her friends are getting married, she's been convincing them to get the custom invitations. I think she secretly wants to have a career as a wedding planner. She was totally in control of the planning for our wedding, and whenever she hears that someone else is having a wedding, she tries to help the bride and groom with all of their decision making. I really couldn't see myself getting that involved in other people's weddings, but for some reason, she wants to do it.

The other brides and grooms don't seem to mind her helping them, but I think she should try to ease back a little bit on wedging herself into other people's planning. I'm sure they have their own way of doing things and if they need help, they'll probably ask for it. In any case, my wife gets a kick out of it either way, and she always looks at all of the wedding magazines and looks online to find the latest designs. She keeps looking at all of those wedding invites and sometimes prints out samples just to see what they look like. I think she's gone through most of the printer ink we have with those.

I've been thinking about the day my wife and I decide to renew our wedding vows. By that time, my wife will probably already have some invites picked out that she will want to send. She'll have a cake in mind too and even what everyone should wear. I guess I should just be ready for the day and roll with it. My wife will do a good job with the planning, so I don't have to worry.