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Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Federation

Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/04

Attn: Beneficiary

This is to inform you that the Presidency has stepped into the payment of your contract / inheritance fund. The instruction to this Board to authorize your payment was given by the President himself Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua following intelligence report on contract payment he received which revealed that the lower offices and department including some departments of Apex bank are engaging in the practice of payment delays through unnecessary use of bureaucratic office processes and imposition of unauthorized fees. This apart has been allegations that some officials of NNPC and CBN deliberately divert funds approved with the name of a beneficiary to accounts that were not given by the known contractor/ inheritor after the due processing and approval of such payment.

To avoid and curtail such official misconduct and deliberate delay of foreign contractor?? payment under one flimsy reason or the other, the President of the Country therefore mandated me the newly elected Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to raise contractor?? and inheritance payment and ensure that such payments are received by the beneficiary within a short period of five (5) days from the day of notice.

Based on the information in your payment file submitted to us from NNPC, formal CBN Governor (Prof. Charles C. Soludo) and FMF. Your name was in the list of Category? A? Beneficiaries whose payments have been verified and approved with the records indicating that your payment has long over due.

The directive from the President based on all these findings is that I Mr. Lamido Sanusi the new Governor of CBN should make immediately uninterrupted payment of your contract/inheritance fund direct from the Federal Treasury. Other offices including Formal CBN Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo earlier handling your payment has been advised to hand over to me to avoid duplication of efforts, though such offices hesitate to let you know of this new development.

I hereby use this medium to congratulate you and heart fully thank you for your patience and understanding during all this years of delays on your fund.

In respect of this, I held a meeting with the representatives of concerned govt. bodies during which your contract file and other information of your payment were submitted. After going through your file a lot of official irregularities, impending stop orders and complexities surrounding the payment were discovered. Therefore, this office and the concerned bodies unanimously decided and approved that your payment will be made available to you once you reconfirm to me your details as shown below:

1) Your full name:
2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3) Company name if any and position.
4) Profession:
5) Address:
6) Amount expecting:

I will advice you to reconfirm your details to me so that I can verify it and get back to you.

NOTE: Should you want your payment via telegraphic wire transfer or cash delivery, quickly notify me.

Further details concerning your payment will be given to you once you contact the under signed on EMAIL:

Yours in service
Mr. Lamido Sanusi
New Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Federation
Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN)
CELL: +2347058633667

Season Greeting: Immediate Payment Notification


Date: 5th January 2010
Tel: +234 1 6629221
Attention: Beneficiaries
Based on instruction from the Office of the Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) and delegates from the United Nations on outstanding payment for foreign beneficiaries and contractors, a comprehensive auditing have been concluded in the Central Bank for immediate release of all outstanding, overdue inheritance and contract payments to all first grade beneficiaries/contractors.
In regards to this instruction, your name was found among those whose payment have been approved long ago but was not released. Let me intimate you that the presidency inline with the United Nations has ordered all outstanding payments to be released to those concerned. Therefore, your fund is hereby revalidated and ready for immediate release to you through a Certified Nterswitched Visa Atm Card that will be sealed with synthetic seal and padded with machine inside a security proof brown envelope that will be delivered to your doorstep/desired address anywhere in the world. It has been agreed that all the beneficiaries under the category “A” will receive a part payment of the sum of (US9,600,000.00) Million United States as approved and endorsed by all the parties present in the summit. Note my office has been instructed by the newly inaugurated President to take the issues of the release of all payment owed to foreign beneficiaries upo n me in order to sanitize the goo

In view of the above, I wish to officially inform you that this office had commence processing your payment and will be released as soon as you follow due protocol and re-confirm your personal details below in order to enable us finalize the immediate processing and release of your fund to you.
Your full name:
Your Mailing Address:
Direct Telephone/mobile number:
Profession/ Age
Marital Status:
A Copy of international passport, drivers incense or any valid ID card.
You are advised to immediately confirm your information to enable us know if it is inline with what is in your file in my office. Note that time is in the essence. Should you require further details regarding your payment, do call my official telephone number below for any queries.
Sincerely Yours,
Mr. David Graham
Payment Release and Fund Settlement Committee
Tel: +234 1 6639221