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TradingView and MetaTrader: How They Work and Differences to Make Graphical Analysis of Online Trading

What is TradingView? What is MetaTrader? What is the difference between TradingView and MetaTrader? What is graphical analysis in online trading? Let’s start from this last point to describe tradingview technical indicators. Whenever we talk about brokers for online trading, we say that one of the most important and indispensable points for a well-made platform is the proposal of charts that indicate how the financial instruments listed on the stock exchange are doing. Graphical analysis in online trading is therefore precisely the representation of trading through graphs and allows the trader to obtain a more simplified picture of the situation. Above all, it allows him to see the history of an asset, so how it has performed in the previous months. On the other hand, it is by knowing the past that the future can be predicted. A good broker that respects itself, already provides on its platform the presence of charts to consult. However, for those who are not satisfied, professional solutions are provided that allow greater customization of their trading chart. These are the two platforms TradingView and MetaTrader 4. Let’s see what it is.Currently the best solution for trading online is to take advantage of CFD platforms. For example, an excellent one is that of the ForexTB broker. It is an authorized broker with innovative services such as signals that allow you to receive advice to successfully guide your online trading activities and be more profitable.

TradingView was born as a real alternative to the much more famous MetaTrader 4. TradingView allows you to analyze online trading charts, of any market and in any timeframe. TradingView was not originally born as a trading service, but simply offers the service of trading charts. Therefore, it was created with the aim of allowing those who decide to rely on its services, to view, create and share with the community graphs in real-time of every type of financial market (be it stocks, indices, commodities, forex and much more). All for free, just go to the website and open a free account.