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My name is Mr.Baghdadi Mohamadu, former personal assistant to late Libya head of state Col. Muammar Gaddafi, who was eliminated on 20th October 2011, by the Nato Forces led by Lt.Gen.Charles Bouchard, here in Sirte

I am writing to solicit for your kind assistance and cooperation in
clearing the funds i deposited for late Col.Gaddafi with banks in Europe
weeks before he was killed.

Following my predicaments and the present circumstances surrounding my plight here in Libya, a situation my international passport was seized and my bank accounts frozen by the present government in Libya, restraining me
from traveling out of the country. I have therefore, made up my mind to
contact and release the funds to you and would like us to go into joint
investments projects.


1. It is a direct transaction at the bank in your presence and the funds
shall be released to you under enabling environment.

2. Our sharing terms shall be 50-50, both the funds and our joint
investments projects. My 50% share shall be in your custody till i am able to regain my freedom here in Libya and lay hands on such investments.

3. The funds were safely deposited in CODED ACCOUNTS with the banks in Europe, and i have a perfect understanding with them of releasing the funds to me or anybody i will present for that purpose under enabling environment which states that…


This means that the coded account has to be closed and a new account
opened in your favour. To further protect the funds in your custody, the
bank will be ready to state that the funds is offered to your company for
investments projects at agreed interest rate per year. This is for
sanctity, transparency and accountability.

If you are interested and capable of handling this transaction and
channeling the funds into viable investments, please, furnish me with
your full names, address, cell phone number and international passport
for us to reach, sign and seal an agreement and proceed accordingly.

I am looking forward to receiving your prompt and positive response
alongside your above requested information for further details.

Accept my warmest regards.

Yours faithfully,

Mr.Baghdadi Mohamadu

Rewarding blackmailers and extortionists for defaming obc engineer

Fraud officials in the indian internet sector have developed a very cheap and cunning way of ruining the reputation of an obc engineer, They will stalk, terrify, discriminate against and then steal the retirement savings of the obc engineer abusing their powers, without a court order.

Then they will reward every person who will make false accusations without proof, against the innocent obc engineer with her hard earned money, without the permission of the obc engineer. They will advertise their reward program for defaming the innocent obc engineer all over India, to encourage everyone to make false accusations to earn some quick money,
When a large number of people have received rewards for making false accusations without proof, they will use these false accusations for justifying the denial of fundamental rights to the innocent harmless obc engineer, diverting her correspondence, emails, smses.

These officials can coveniently remain anonymous, falsely claiming national security matters are involved, making it difficult for the obc engineer to find out the fraud officials who have been taking decisions on her behalf, without giving her a chance to defend herself. Who are these officials to take decisions regarding the innocence, hard earned money of the obc engineer, a stranger to them ?

If these officials are making wrong decisions, wasting her hard earned money on greedy frauds and blackmailers , why should the obc engineer suffer? these officials get a pension, why are they allowed to waste her retirement savings? Why has the obc engineer not been given a chance to take her own decisions, to find out who are making false accusations against her, so that she can take legal action against the blackmailers ?

Phishing email

37 Castle Terrace
Edinburgh, EH1 2EB
United Kingdom

Dear Sir /Madam

I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. I contact you independently of my search of competent business contact while I was visiting Toronto Canada at the film festival, and no one is informed of this communication.

I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to you. In 2002 my client a reputable wife of an oil business tycoon in the Middle East was striped off her late husband’s assets because of the limited human right in that part of the world, she is now seeking asylum in United Kingdom, fortunately now in UK she was able to retrieve some of her late husband’s foreign asset/ funds which is estimated to be $35.2 USD Million.

At this point she is willing to invest $15.2 USD Million with a reliable business associate, as soon as we enter into proper agreement that funds could be shipped to you via diplomatic means or bank transfer

You will receive funds and await further instruction, before the commencement of the any investment project you stand to retain 20% of the principle sum, and after the investment project is been embarked upon the profit will be shared 60% for us and 40% for you.
We are banking on your trust to act in this capacity, if you are interested in this partnership forward the following information to enable us prepare a legal paper work that will bind us in this transaction.

1 Legal Name
2 Contact mailing Address
3 Telephone and Fax Number
I would appreciate reply via my phone,fax or email id above.
Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response to our proposal and acct in dispatch

Barrister Frank Green

Similar to frauds of nayanshree hathwar, riddhi siddhi, sunaina


Why indians lose money to nigerian scammers

Research has indicated that Indians lose the most money to nigerian 419 scammers, because lying, fraud and cheating are essential qualifications for a person becoming a VVIP in the indian internet sector, with google, tata, paypal and others allegedly protecting and rewarding the cheater frauds with important government jobs, with stolen resumes, Take the case of goan call girl and diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, who commited corporate espionage on the engineer and webmaster who made the mistake of trusting her and steals data daily using the top secret wifi network. Instead of being punished for corporate espionage, the fraud siddhi mandrekar was rewarded with very important government job stealing the resume of the engineer she had ruthlessly cheated and exploited .

Similarly bangalore housewife shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar looted the engineer and webmaster of more than Rs 1,1 lakh , again instead of being punished the ungrateful fraud nayanshree hathwar, was rewarded with very important government job stealing the resume of the engineer she had ruthlessly cheated and exploited . Bangalore cybercrime refused to take action against nayanshree hathwar for cheating despite providing all proof indicating that brahmins are rewarded for cheating engineers .

Now when important governmemt jobs in the internet sector seem to reserved for known well connected frauds and cheaters with stolen resume, these frauds will naturally not be able to prevent further frauds. These frauds may be encouraging the nigerian scammers to loot people just like they have already cheated and stolen the resume of an engineer who made the mistake of trusting them. It reflects the mindset of those incharge of the internet sector, where cheating, lies and fraud are considered to be an important virtue for at least some of the most powerful officials