Credit card loss

Please beware of a cheat like bijoy poddar.  Firstly, what he is writing is ingenuine. If at all it is a little genuine it should serve him right.  It is a punishment god has given him for cheating so many people.  He has collected a large amount of money from people promising to supply them good quality dogs, but in turn he supplies them street dogs.  The people have no option than to accept the things since he gets all his payments in advance through net. A NET fraud I can say.
God has punished him. Most of the people he has cheated were waiting for this day to come.

On 7/11/09, frm PODDAR KENNEL <> wrote:

HI,Is me Bijoy Poddari am writing to inform you that i am presently in lagos Nigeria on for a vet program, and to also apologise for not informing you before embarking on my journey. Everything is alright except for the fact that i am stranded here and unable to get back home due to the loss of my wallet containing my credit card and all my money. That is the more reason why i am writing to ask for a loan of $1000 from you to help myself get back home. I’ll reinburse you at my return.

Anticipating you reply at the earliest to my request !!

God bless you always.
Love and Prayer
Bijoy Poddar