Government employees and nigerian fraudsters adopt a similar strategy

The cunning government employee puneet or his associates cunningly misused voice to skull technology to ensure that his classmate did not immediately retrieve the money which was stolen, to create an atmosphere of fear, to promise a lucrative assignment, if he and his associates were allowed to keep the stolen money with them.

It is similar to nigerian fraudsters who ask money initially so that their victim can get a large amount later as gift. The nigerian fraudsters will pocket the money and their victim will never get the gift, losing their hard earned money

Similarly after 4 years of stealing the money, 5 years after receiving the payment, his classmate has not got anything at all, she has been systematically denied all opportunities she deserved, is tortured daily and also does not have access to her hard earned money. So despite paying a large amount to the fraud associates of government employees, the obc engineer has got nothing.

While the obc engineer cannot force others to give her opportunities, or the government jobs, she can legally get access to her hard earned money completing the necessary formalities and try to reduce the damage caused by microwave weapons using the money she has saved. So when government employees promise to help, they are actually no better than nigerian fraudsters only more brazen as they cannot be identified or held accountable