Getting Tree Work Done at Our New Home

My wife and I just purchased a new home in New York for our family. It is a beautiful home in a lovely storybook neighborhood where the streets are lined with trees. Some work needs to be done on the house before we can move in. We also need to get some landscaping done as well as tree work. I can handle most of the work but think I will need to find a company that specializes in tree service in Long Island NY. I’m just a little bit afraid of heights and will leave this type of work to the professionals.

I searched the internet to find a reliable company to trim and prune our trees. After about 30 minutes of reading reviews and details, I believe I found the company I want to go with. This particular company has certified arborists on staff that has the knowledge and ability to maintain any type of tree or problem. I think mine are just overgrown but I’m going to let them decide what exactly needs to be done. I was also impressed about their concern with safety and the use of the latest and most modern safety equipment.

I called and scheduled an appointment for the end of this week. When they arrive, we will walk around and look at the trees and discuss what needs to be done to keep them as healthy and beautiful as possible. This appointment includes a free estimate of work to be done with no obligation whatsoever. My wife is extremely happy that I’ve agreed to let somebody else do this as she does not like for me to climb ladders at all. She only has one request that she wants me to convey to them. She wants to know if they can put in a couple of tire swings for four boys.