Crony capitalism leading to Indian bank losses of Rs 87000 crores is a greater fraud than the Nigerian fraudsters

One of the trademarks of the indian government, intelligence and security agencies is that they repeat their mistakes causing great losses for the country and the indian tax payer, they do not have the patriotism, honesty, personal and professional integrity to admit and correct their mistake and cause great losses. Many of the extremely powerful top intelligence and security agency employees have extremely poor judgement, are blinded by their hatred and greed , openly indulge in corruption and nepostism , destroy the life of harmless innocent citizens for personal gain and hatred.

The indian leaders do not have the vision to question the top government employees why they abusing their powers, openly and brazenly liars. This unwillingness to question to NTRO, R&AW, cbi, security agency employees who are openly freelancing for google, tata and other companies is the main reason why the public sector banks are making a loss of Rs 87000 crores, which will ultimately be paid by the indian citizens, tax payer

If they did not have enough money, the defaulters should have led a frugal life, however knowing that they control powerful intelligence and security agency employees, many of the defaulters are leading lavish lives, using private planes, spending crores of rupees on the marriages of their children, Most of them get away with non payment of the loans which they have taken, leading to bank losses.