The Best Solution Was a New Website

I was not getting a lot of traffic to my website. I was doing a great amount of business when I first started it a few years ago, but it has fallen by the wayside lately. I still have my regular customers, but it was just a rare event to have a new customer come in and actually get established. I knew that it was not my products. It was absolutely the fault of the clunky website I was using. I decided to hire a Kiwi website design to take me from the digital stone age to current times.

The website was good when I first started it, but I had not maintained it the way that it needed to be. I was able to update it t a certain degree, but I know very little about websites and how to maintain them. I thought that I was going to have a partner who would handle that part, but that deal fell apart before it got firmly established. That meant I was on my own with a website that I did not know how to use very well. If I wanted to save my business, I had to get modern very quickly.

This was a blessing in a couple of different ways. The main one is that my business has not only been saved because of a new website, but it is flourishing better than I could have predicted. I thought that I would have a new website and then find a new partner to help run it. I did not have to do that though because the website design business I contracted does all of that for me. I am paying far less than what I would to a partner, and I am saving a lot of time and hassle also. This was definitely the best solution for me!