Goan cheated of Rs 5 lakh by nigerian fraudsters files a FIR, no help for domain investor cheated of Rs 15 lakh annually by ntro/raw/cbi employees

The Times of India, and other newspapers reported a case of how a goan was cheated of Rs 5 lakh by nigerian fraudsters
The goan lady was promised a gift and was asked to deposit money in a bank account.
The nigerian claimed that he was from UK.
Like the ntro/raw/cbi employees who keep promising that they will purchase the domain names since 2010, the nigerian fraudster also did not pay.
So finally the lady filed a police complaint, and the nigerian was arrested in delhi
In comparison, the domain investor finds it difficult to get justice, because police will not file any case against intelligence employees , especially ntro/raw/cbi employees making fake promises that they will purchase domains, every year since 2010.