I Wonder if This is Safe

I was looking around the internet for something the other day and I wound up at this site, http://addium.us. The people who are selling this supplement call it a Nootropic and they define that as any kind of pill or substance that can give us a ‘cognitive boost’. That means that it gives your brain a new gear. Of course I wonder if it contains some substance like an amphetamine. Adderall, which is what this seems to emulate, contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It works like that, by speeding you up. Of course students have been taking speed for decades as a way to cram for their exams. You take one of those pills and then you are zooming along and you do not need to sleep. At the end of it you come crashing to Earth like a rock dropped from a high building of course. It does not seem as though it would be legal if this stuff worked in the same way that Adderall does. At any rate I am looking for something like this, because I have a whole lot of very difficult classes this semester. I am trying to major in Physics, even though I sort of doubt that it is the best major for job seekers. With that in mind I am taking a lot of courses in math and computer science. I know that those are the best degrees if you want to have a good paying job, aside from going through medical school or becoming a dentist. That obviously takes a much longer time however. At any rate I have a whole lot of very tough courses that I need to pass and I do not have all of the time in the world in which to study for them.