We Are Growing by Leaps and Bounds Because of the Sales Training

I knew that we were losing our focus as our sales numbers were down for the third straight quarter. I knew that it was a problem we could overcome though because it seemed to be more of a problem with us than it was with the market itself. I did some online research, which is how I ended up at the verkooptraining website. I knew that I had found exactly what we needed when I started reading the testimonials from other companies that had used this training program to help with their own sales.

I liked that this company covers everything, and not just with existing customers. They teach how to improve sales with existing customers, but they also teach how to get your foot in the door all the way to closing the deal in a way that makes both sides happy. This was definitely what we needed because we were hitting brick walls as far as getting new customers. We were handling our existing customers just fine, but we definitely had a lack of growth as far as new customers were concerned. I just felt that we could turn the corner if we did this training together as a team.

It was a three-day sales training, and there were different locations in the country that we could choose from. This made it very convenient for us because we were able to attend one that was not that far from us. We learned about consultative selling, and we learned how to make such an impact on prospective customers that they would feel they were missing out if they did not go with us. Granted, we still get no’s today from those prospective clients, but we are getting more than twice the yes’s since we have had this training. We are growing by leaps and bounds because of it.