Old Age Put on Hold

Time affects us all. We all have to get old some day, and we all eventually start to get wrinkles on our faces. Some of us get them faster than other people. When I first started noticing that i was getting wrinkles on my own face, I began to panic a little. I didn’t think that they would come so soon, but they did, and it hit me that I was getting old. I started checking my hair for gray hairs, but I didn’t find any. I made an appointment with the aesthetic doctors in Singapore to see what they could do to get rid of the wrinkles.

The doctors told me that the wrinkles weren’t that bad, but I could use some botox to make them go away. I knew about botox after having read various articles about celebrities who have used them before. I was a little scared to try the treatment because I didn’t want to have the doctor stick needles in my face to inject the botox, but I knew that this was the way it had to be, so I put my fear behind me and went on with the treatment.

The treatment was a success, because the wrinkles went away, and I had the beautiful, youthful face that I had come to love. I knew that this wouldn’t last forever. As I got older, more wrinkles would come, and I would have to get more treatments to take care of them as well. Still, I was happy with what I was able to get done at the clinic, and looked toward the future with a more positive outlook, instead of having one where I would only see an old person full of wrinkles and gray hairs staring me in the face whenever I looked into the mirror.