Attention please; – phishing email

Attention please; Please forgive my intrusion into your privacy, I am Mrs Nedia Gouirah, and I am a banker. It is true that we have not meet each other in person,but I strongly believe that no trust, no friendship in every business. I have the deceased customer’s abandoned fund, which I am his personal financial adviser before his accidental death,… More →

Yours in Christ. -phishing email

Dearest in christ , I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord, we have to worship our Lord Jesus christ with all our heart because we have determined to remain under the covering of His anointing, Obedience to His purpose and living a life that honours Him will keep us under His hand of blessing.… More →

Investment proposal – phishing mail

Hello My Friend, I hope this message meets you and your family in good health, My Name is Arkamani Ahmad al-Mahdi, A descendant of (Muhammad Ahmad al-Mahdi) the ruler of Sudan in the 1880’s, I am 62years old and an ex-politician in Sudan, I retired from Politics more than a decade Ago. I am requesting your contribution, help and assistance… More →