Google tata sponsored goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak a greater fraudster than Sydney Lemos

The sentencing of goan fraudster sydney lemos in Dubai, confirmed that corruption and fraud, lies has become widespread in goan society in 2018, with well known fraudsters and liars having a high social status. The goan mainstream media refuses to cover any news of one of the greatest goan fraudsters in history, the google, tata sponsored Goan gsb fraud cbi… More →

Tata rewarded with large contracts by CIA/NSA for its sex,bribery racket, financial fraud on google competitor

Allegedly tata has been offered many large contracts by CIA/NSA , if it collaborates with google, and commits a major banking, financial fraud on a hardworking, harmless google competitor, bribing the indian and goan government not to recognize the work, skills, experience and investment of a google competitor and single woman engineer, spread false defamatory rumors that google, tata sponsored… More →

Top goan officials worse than nigerian fraudsters as they recruit another christian housewife in their great google goan online fraud

Goa is facing a financial crisis because the top goan officials are some of the greatest fraudsters, liars in the world, who will make the nigerian fraudsters appear to be saints with their never ending lies and fraud, refusing to acknowledge the skills, experience, hard work of a single woman engineer, google competitor . Allegedly bribed by google, tata, these… More →