Hello Sir/Madam,

I am interested in establishing and operating a very viable business as a means of investment abroad. I do not know too well on how this is done in your country, So I will need you to help me in this regard.

My preference is any good profit yielding business and I would appreciate any valuable ideas you could come up with. I will also need you to help me look for Investment opportunities like properties including homes,lands and also Crude oil or Gold for sale or investment or any kind of profitable investment plan you have, as I am proposing to invest the sum of Sixty Five Million United States Dollars ($65,000,000 USD) for this, for a start. I hope you can and will be of assistance in this regards, as I know we will both benefit from this hugely.

For a brief on my personality, My name is Mr Zahin Moktar, a mixed Eastern African/British, Living in London at the moment, I am a retired Business man/Politician formally into private Shipping Business. I am 62 years of age, married with a wife and 3 lovely kids. I dropped my Shipping business because it wasn’t producing profitable income as its used to any more, between I am not so young anymore and wouldn’t want to stress my head anymore , so I thought that it would be nice to contact you on this.

Please note that I am looking for a better or reputable means of investing my hard earned money and to also have a comfortable and steady life after now, this is a huge amount of money we are talking about here and we will not rely on just internet and phone conversations alone, as I will advice a meeting face to face either with me or my Son, as soon as possible. Should you have any problems getting a Visa to the UK, I will suggest a meeting in the UAE (Dubai) will be just fine, as its a lot easier to get visas to the UAE, what do you think?

I will be waiting for your response at your own convenience so that we can proceed swiftly. I will need your phone and fax numbers for easier communication with you, if I am unable to access my emails.

Here is my private Email:



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