A Treadmill to Get Me Back in Shape

When I broke my leg, I was off work for nearly three months while it healed. I was not able to start therapy for nearly six weeks because of surgery, and I ended up gaining some weight. When I did start physical therapy, it was tough, but I was determined to get back to where I was before my injury. My insurance only paid for 20 visits, but I knew I still had some work to do. My therapist told me to look at the best portable treadmills on a website she purchased her own from.

She explained that I would be able to ease my way into a vigorous workout, but the best thing that I could do was walk. I don’t really live in a town where walking is an option unless it is just around the block that I live on. That is why she told me to look into portable treadmills. She told me that she brings hers out every evening and watches the news while she gets a full workout, and I knew that she had something there. I went to the website address that she gave me, and I was able to find a great treadmill there.

It was actually very easy because of how everything on the site was laid out. I was able to get details about the top rated treadmills, plus my therapist had told me which one she really likes. It was one of the top ranked, and I was able to read about it in detail thanks to this site. I really liked everything about it, mainly because I would be able to use it both as a beginner as well as an expert once I got back into prime shape. It has several speeds and inclines, plus all the fancy monitoring things to make sure I am not overdoing anything. It was perfect for me, which is why I bought it.

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